October 15, 2018

Who am I? Odd question and title for a first blog post… kind of… existential, maybe for good reason? Having a personal site is something I’ve been meaning to have for quite some time just never felt it important or maybe didn’t feel like it was something anyone would be interested in. I’m also not one to talk about myself or air out my business, even on social media it’s few and far between when I post anymore. I suppose that’s what happens when one gets older, the need to be out loud about ones self becomes less important and those that are closest to you become your focus.

aaanannyyway… why I finally decided to make the move and listen to those that have been encouraging me to get my name out there, thus starting this site. I’m in the process of pursuing one of the dreams I’ve had since I can remember, working for myself. Instead of owning some big business however, it’ll be more focused on photography, videography and business to customer marketing relationships… more on all this in future posts! Along with that this site will be a personal journal of events in my life with friends and family…

My life is like a speeding bullet that just hasn’t hit the target yet.
Kid Cudi

You will get a look into my family life and how crazy but awesome they are (to me) and how much fun we have together, I plan to bring everyone that has been a part of my Civic build over the past 8ish years up to speed from forums and friends that I don’t see often enough because of how busy life keeps us at all times. With the okay from the clients you’ll also get a look into some of the work I’m doing in hopes that hey, maybe you know someone to shoot my way for some work 😉

There’s a brief into the future of this blog and website… oh yeah, you see a shop up in the menu I hope. Stay tuned for that, not sure what will pop up in there but it will probably and hopefully be random and always quality.

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